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What is the Certificate
of ‘European Quality Leader’?

Our certificate is a prestigious award granted in an annual competition which takes place simultaneously in several European countries: Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Poland. In this competition, we award products, services and brands with a strong market position in their countries, distinguished by quality and modernity compared to other, competitive products. The certificate of ‘European Quality Leader’ is international. The deadline for receiving applications for participation in this year’s competition is January 12th, 2024.

European promotion of the best products and services

The Golden Logo of the ‘European Quality Leader’ is an international, legally protected trademark that can only be used by the winners of our competition. The logo can be placed on the packaging of awarded products, on websites, in advertisements or in other places to attract customers' attention. The logo of the ‘European Quality Leader’ is translated into seven languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Polish) and promotes the best products, services and brands available in European markets.

Who grants the Certificate<br />
of ‘European Quality Leader’?Who grants the Certificate
of ‘European Quality Leader’?

Our certificate is granted by the Competition Jury, which consists of representatives from various backgrounds: scientists, company managers, consumers, representatives of non-governmental organisations (foundations, associations), journalists and marketing specialists. The jury consists of both outstanding experts, as well as ‘ordinary’ consumers. They assess the quality of the products and services, their market value and compliance with the needs and expectations of customers.

How to get the Certificate<br />
of ‘European Quality Leader’?How to get the Certificate
of ‘European Quality Leader’?

To obtain the certificate and the right to use the designation of Competition Winner, you must submit your application for the competition by submitting a special competition questionnaire to the organiser. In this questionnaire, the company owning a given brand (e.g. a manufacturer, a service provider) presents its product, describes its strengths, characterises the product's potential, etc. The product is then assessed by the members of the Competition Jury based on the submitted application. When the evaluation is positive, the product receives our prestigious Certificate of ‘European Quality Leader’.

Why is it worth taking part in the competition?Why is it worth taking part in the competition?

Our certificate confirms that the product awarded is of the highest quality, stands out from the competition and is worth recommending to customers. The certificate is a great advertisement for the awarded product (service, brand) and the company that submitted it to the competition. It also clearly informs consumers that this brand is unique, prestigious and noteworthy. Our certificate is international and is awarded simultaneously in several European countries, which additionally increases its value.

Who can get the certificate?Who can get the certificate?

The competition is open to products and services from all industries, e.g. food, IT, medical, tourist, automotive, training and many others. The winners of the competition form an elite group of European brands, which occupy a leading position in their categories and deserve special distinction. Our prestigious emblem is awarded to brands with a special position, who are undisputed quality leaders. We invite all companies offering valuable products and services that are worth recommending to consumers to participate in the competition.
European Quality Leader

When making purchasing decisions, customers want to be sure that they reach for products and services that are valuable, tested, meet quality standards and are positively evaluated by others. For these reasons, customers often pay attention to product marks, including certificates and the quality emblems a product can boast. These marks affect customers' decisions and convince them to buy certain goods. Our competition is designed to show customers from seven European countries what products and services are ‘the best of the best’ in their countries.

The Competition Jury is made up of experts who have acquired their experience both within the country and abroad. They represent a wide range of communities, including academic community.

Our Competition has an international character and is held simultaneously in a variety of the EU countries, as well as in the UK.

The Quality Institute is an internationally operating auditing company. The company organised the final galas of its competitions in Berlin, amongst others.

A meeting of representatives of the Quality Institute, during which the results of the Competition are officially discussed, is held annually in Brussels, the capital of the European Union.

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